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Mobile Legends Project NEXT UI Update Revealed in Advanced Server – AFK Gaming

May 13, 2024

Ace Unyill
In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s advanced server, the in-game interface has been completely redesigned with the Project NEXT UI. With the Project NEXT UI update, the in-game interface is much simpler and easier to use. As part of the redesign, new animation effects were added to screen transitions, which provided a smoother and more natural user interface. Some quality of life improvements, such as batch-selling items and viewing recently acquired items, have also been implemented. Detailed information about the Project NEXT UI update in Mobile Legends can be found below.
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According to data miner, Ace Unyill a new major update has arrived in the advanced server of Mobile Legends. The in-game interface has been completely overhauled in this update, making it smoother and easier to navigate.
The new update also included new background music and sound effects to match the new interface. The main menu will also change its background from day to night depending on the time. However, it is still unclear whether the new Project NEXT UI update will be beneficial for lower-end devices.
Several features have been merged into one. This includes the daily quests and the free chests. In order to claim all rewards, players will only need to go to one interface rather than having to switch from the main menu to the quest log.
Ace Unyill
The animation and design of matchmaking have also been updated. With the simplified and modern design, the transition is much smoother.
Ace Unyill
Here are the major changes for the Project NEXT UI update in the advanced server of Mobile Legends;
The goal of the update is to deliver a much more concise, clear, and convenient interface for players.
Optimized the interface’s colors, background, labels, etc. to improve overall visual quality.
Optimized the screen transition animations and special effects, making each transition feel natural and smooth.
A complete rework of the sound effects has been implemented for various actions such as entering the main menu, battlefield, and other actions.
Integrated the Free Chest into Daily Quests.
Optimized items’ frames to indicate their quality.
Added new features to inventory allowing players to “View Recently Obtained” items, “Batch Use” items, and “Batch Sell” selected items.
Adjusted the Chat Interface to half-screen, and merged Team Recruit with Team Channel.
Neighborhood Ranks are now displayed in the Friends List.
Adjusted Interaction of the Leaderboards interfaces so players can check other player’s information. Heroes’ portraits are now displayed in Heroes and Street Leaderboards.
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Looks like Mobile Legends will be getting a complete makeover soon which will definitely make it fresh for veteran players and will add immersion to new players.


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