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Here's How UI/UX Specialists Can Work to Understand iOS Developments – Entrepreneur

May 26, 2024

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By Harnil Oza
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There has been quite a long debate in the industry as to how important it is for app designers to learn how to code or program. When it comes to iPhone app development, there is a need for developers and designers to work together to achieve a common purpose, no doubt. Truth be told, designing a native iOS application can be quite complicated for anyone who doesn’t know or understand the development process involved.
In recent times, there have been increasing opinions as to whether UI/UX designers should learn to code due to the diverseness of the subject in its evolution. As earlier mentioned, the design aspect of iOS development is not a standalone process it requires inter-disciplinary combined efforts. Just so you know, to create a comprehensive iOS app, developers cannot do without designers throughout the entire process.
Understanding the Role of a UI/UX Designer and a Programmer
When it comes to designing digital products, there are some different aspects of creative flow that are presented via UI and UX design. In simpler terms, UX design is focused on providing an acceptable user experience while UI design focuses more on providing an attractive and effective user interface. Most top app development companies consider UX design to offer a much broader sense of assimilation since it involves UI design as an integral part of the interaction process. This is mainly because a product’s user experience can only be accessed via the user interface.
During iPhone app development, all three application experts (including UX designers, UI designers, and programmers) often gather around to work together just to achieve a common purpose – iPhone application. Basically, no one is independent of the other. Below is a brief breakdown explaining the various roles of these development professionals.
UI Designers
Based on the already agreed structure, architecture, and core factors of interaction, this category of designers are responsible for ensuring that the best visual solutions are provided to effectively correspond to the aesthetic needs, user expectations, environment, and corresponding style of the app. Basically, they play the role of visual analysts in most top app development companies.
UX Designers
These are mainly referred to as design professionals who specialize mainly in creating a kind of general concept about the app’s structure that reflects its flow of interactions. There are many factors (both positive and negative) that can influence user experience. It is the responsibility of the UX designer to ensure that these factors are well-highlighted in every iPhone app development phase.
These are app developers whose main role is to build the final product and make everything come to reality. Basically, it is their utmost responsibility to ensure that every concept outlined by designers are well-incorporated into the development phase. These people do most of the coding work as they seek to relate or combine different aspects of the app into one whole component. Their main aim is to achieve an effective interaction with the iOS product within a particular environment.
How Important is Learning Programming for Designers
UI/UX designers are app experts that focus more on improving the looks of the iOS application. Among a whole lot of things, they will need to consider the data presentation, aesthetic appeal accessibility, usability, transitions, and logic that contribute to forming the entire user experience of the app. For designers to be able to appropriately and effectively design solutions, there is a need for them to understand modern user interfaces, as well as human-computer interactions.
However, this doesn’t mean that a person with no coding background will not be able to become a successful UI/UX designer. As a matter of fact, most app designers focus more on creating clear visual designs enhanced with attractive and usable features and presented in a well-thought-out system of transitions. All these are mainly aimed at creating an efficient layout for the app. Obviously, the role of a designer is different from that of a developer.
While they can be seen working together on the same project, it is important to note that they actually perform their roles from different aspects. However, most top app development companies will prefer to employ and work with a designer who has little knowledge of programming and coding so as to enable more simplified development processes. Working differently on the same project is one thing but achieving a common goal or purpose is much more important.
The Role of Programming in App Design
Actually, coding has little or no important role to play when designing a user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) for iPhone app development. It is very much easier to find successful app designers with no single of knowledge on how to write a line of code yet these professionals know just how to improve an app’s level of usability with the right design solutions.
However, there are some top app development companies that would be most interested in having high-level specialists with a little bit of coding experience that is aimed at supporting their development projects with effective and efficient designs. No doubt, having a general understanding of iOS programming basics can go a long way in helping designers create viable product designs.
UI and UX are not just about creating good designs. It is more of making an iOS app look aesthetically pleasing and highly functional to meet end-users’ needs. Just so you know, there is rarely any stage of UI/UX design creation that coding won’t be necessarily required.
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