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Using AWS AI and ML Services to Detect and Prevent Fraud | Mastercard Video – AWS Blog

March 2, 2024

Customer Stories / Financial Services / United States

In this video, Manu Thapar, chief technology officer (CTO), Cyber & Intelligence at Mastercard, describes how Mastercard uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) services to improve fraud detection capabilities globally. The solution has enabled Mastercard to detect three times the amount of fraudulent transactions and reduce false positives tenfold, leading to billions of dollars in merchant savings and providing a better experience for customers around the world.

This combination of increased fraud detection and decreased false positives means that the merchants have a very useful solution and the end customers have a much better customer experience than they did before.”
Manu Thapar
CTO, Cyber & Intelligence, Mastercard

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