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Career Overview: Explore Career Opportunities in UI/UX Design – Simplilearn

February 19, 2024

Don’t miss our Career Overview on UI UX Design with Prof. Amit Prakash of IIIT Bangalore. The webinar will give you important information for deciding whether to become a UI UX Designer. As a bonus for attending, you’ll receive a discount offer on a great UI UX design skilling program.
This webinar is meant for anyone interested in working in UI UX design:
Diploma holders, bachelor’s degree holders, and people in their final year of a bachelor’s degree program are all eligible.
Here’s more on what you’ll learn about UI UX careers.
UI/UX Design shapes how we interact with our world:
This is why companies across all industries regard UI UX designers as key contributors to their success. UI UX Designer consistently ranks as one of the most demanded tech jobs.
You’ll hear about the different kinds of jobs you can pursue in UI UX design:
Each of these roles is a launching point for a great career.
You’ll find out about the different tools and skills you’ll need to succeed in UI UX design, including:
Prof. Amit Prakash of IIT Bangalore will share his expertise and insights into the field of UI and UX Design.
The webinar will include a live Q&A with Prof. Amit to let you ask him questions about careers in the UI UX design field.
Whether you're exploring career options or looking to transition into UI UX design, don't miss this opportunity to learn about UI UX design careers from a recognized expert. Register now to secure your spot in this exciting webinar.
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