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UI design week: a special series from The Verge – The Verge

January 23, 2024

There’s a funny conflict to the idea of user interfaces: a good one tends to go unnoticed, the thoughtful design decisions too subtle to notice; a bad UX or UI is one that makes you want to scream. It’s a tension that designers have to think about every time they conceive a new website, app, or device.
In this special series from The Verge, we explore the small design decisions that have had an outsize impact on our lives. From simple card game browser UIs to deliberately complicated video game setups, all-too-forgotten accessibility options for colorblindness to the curious incentive-driven histories of the shuffle and log out buttons, these stories delve into the ways that user interfaces have driven us forward, or failed, or found an entirely new way of living.
You use these apps all the time, but can you identify the shades of their logos?
Apparently, the very idea of colorblindness is hard to visualize. Take a shot at looking through my eyes.
Tweetbot’s sudden death, open-casket funeral, and reincarnation as a Mastodon app.
Immersive, embodied interfaces need careful transitions and aftercare protocols.
As emoji use grows, judges have to get special trainings. ✨
The logout button has become practically defunct.
How the shuffle button came to define modern-day media consumption.
The Lisa helped create the design language for computers as we know them. Here’s what it’s like to use one.
The touchscreen may reign supreme, but the single-purpose remotes in my house authentically inspire joy.
The infinite possibilities for customizing flight simulator interfaces are what make them so realistic. But flying is really all about what these simulators can’t ever replicate.
Make Steve Jobs roll over in his grave with a custom rabbit strawberry glitter frosting iPhone case.
Nobody wants them. Nobody likes them. Why is the worst UI element of all time ubiquitous again?
When a game is mostly hard because the UI is terrible, what happens when you start streamlining its interface?
Sites designed to exploit users’ gambling addictions are going to be a little predatory. Poker Now somehow turned out to be different.
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