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10 Top Product Design Companies – Built In

October 31, 2023

Product design companies bring together the creativity, business insight and technical knowledge to drive the development of new products. Working with product design companies can save brands time and money, while also giving them access to a diverse range of resources and skill sets. Here are 10 product design companies specializing in everything from mobile app development to building sustainability solutions and designing parts for 3D printing.
Founded: 2018
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Grand Studio is a design firm that handles UX/UI design and digital products. Starting with qualitative research, it has worked with clients to establish the design and strategy for products in industries like finance, entertainment, manufacturing and healthcare. Its projects have included designing a scheduling program for surgeons devising a blockchain data exchange platform for a large financial institution.
Founded: 2014
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
MORSE corp started as an aerospace company. Since then, it has moved into engineering and software development for national security solutions like its Advanced Guidance Navigation and Control product. AGN&C is a set of algorithms that uses sensor data and AI to guide vehicles. It can be applied to both manned and unmanned contexts and can be used in novel vehicles that are still being developed.
Founded: 2015
Location: Fully Remote
Agile Six offers coaching, digital transformation and product design for government technology. (If you’ve ever tried to use the website of a small-town DMV, you’ve experienced the need for improved UX in government applications.) It focuses on developing digital products like web interfaces and code, but also provides hardware and paperwork solutions as needed. 
Founded: 2007
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Think Company works with businesses across a variety of industries to create digital products and experiences. The company offers services that cover the product design process from conception to launch and provide clients with strategies for sustainable, long-term growth. Think Company’s work has included collaborating with Nemours on a telemedicine app for children with chronic illnesses and designing a data insights platform so that ADP can give its app users access to metrics about their workforce. 
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Founded: 2004
Location: Portland Oregon
AltSource partners with small and mid-size businesses on designing and developing custom software solutions. Its clients come from an assortment of industries, such as energy, construction, banking, insurance and e-commerce. The company helps clients build a digital strategy and then connects them with product management experts who work with them to develop software and prepare it for launch.
Founded: 1980
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Smart Design focuses on strategic product design, providing research and insights along with technology and business expertise to help clients produce products and services that solve problems and improve consumer experiences. Its project portfolio includes a partnership with Gatorade to design a tech-enabled bottle that helps athletes monitor their hydration and working with household goods manufacturer OXO to design a small but efficient cold brew coffee maker.
Founded: 2013
Location: Redwood City, California
Carbon is a 3D printing technology company offering an idea-to-production platform that unifies the product design and manufacturing processes. Designers can also use the company’s Carbon Design Engine to compose parts with lattices for 3D printing.
Founded: 2013
Location: New York, New York
Utility’s designers, engineers and product managers work with brands on designing and developing custom digital products. The company’s approach begins with a research-backed strategy and emphasizes long-term planning in preparation for future maintenance and growth. Airbnb, BuzzFeed, and the NBA have been among Utility’s clients.
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Founded: 1991
Location: Fully Remote
IDEO is a design firm that puts an emphasis on sustainability and solving systemic issues. The company employs a global team of more than 600 professionals that include designers, entrepreneurs, engineers, behavioral scientists, teachers and researchers that bring a range of specialized expertise to the table, from food science to citizen-centered government. IDEO has taken on challenges like designing an updated voting system and building an app-based diabetes management service
Founded: 2012
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Underbelly is an agency with expertise in designing and building digital products like apps and software tools. Its product design capabilities are complemented by web development, branding and visual content production services. Big name brands like Starbucks, Facebook and Netflix have worked with Underbelly to bring their ideas to fruition.


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