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Career Wise: A Career Guide to Becoming UI/UX Designer – News18

October 28, 2023

Curated By: Education and Careers Desk
Edited By: Sukanya Nandy
Last Updated: December 28, 2022, 16:38 IST
New Delhi, India
Undergraduate, as well as postgraduate levels candidates can pursue UI/ UX design courses (Representative image)
In an ever-changing world UI/ UX design is an upcoming design specialisation that is gathering a lot of interest among the youth and also offers lucrative career opportunities. The user interface deals with anything and everything that a user may interact with using a digital service or product. User experience deals with aspects related to a user’s interaction with an (app), product or operating system. UI/UX usually deal with issues on an application or software. It designs interfaces for applications, software, websites, and video games to make the user experience easy in operating and navigating.
Between 2020 and 2030, the Bureau of Labour and Statistics predicts a 13 per cent growth in the job outlook for web developers and web designers. This makes it a great career choice for anyone looking for an interesting and lucrative career path. In the digital field, people with backgrounds in UI/UX design have many opportunities to forge careers. UX designing, the centre of the market in the present times, should not be a mystery to you. UX/UI designers rank among the highest-paying jobs, according to a United States survey.
6 steps are given to become a UI/UX designer are-
? Get a basic understanding of UX/UI Design.
? Learn how to develop an aesthetic sense.
? Choose the right design software for your project.
? Make a portfolio of your work.
? Obtain feedback from your customers.
? Get hands-on experience in the workplace.
Undergraduate, as well as postgraduate levels candidates can pursue UI/ UX design courses. Apart from degree programmes, candidates can also pursue diploma courses in UI/ UX design. Those who are interested can apply to various universities in India in Bachelor in Science (BSc) 3 yrs, Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) 3 yrs, Bachelor in Engineering (BE) 4 yrs, Bachelor in Technology (B.Tech) 4 yrs, Bachelor in Design (B.Des) 4 yrs, Master in Science (MSc) 2 yrs, Master in Computer Applications (MCA) 3 yrs, Master in Engineering and Technology (MEM.Tech) 2 yrs, Master in Design (M.Des) 2 yrs.
To get enrolled in top universities students must also appear and pass certain entrance examinations to be eligible. Some of the entrance examinations are SRMJEE, NID DAT, UCEED, and MITID DAT, etc.
Below is the list of skills you must have to become UI/UX designer:
Researched Skill- This is one of the most important skills that an aspiring UI/UX designer needs to master. By conducting research and analyzing data, they can gather good qualitative and quantitative information about users for their work. Recording and analysing the results is a skill that must be possessed by a UI/UX designer.
Technical Skill- A basic understanding of HTML and CSS can go a long way in most UX designs. Wireframing and prototyping are the most important technical skills for UI/UX designers. Knowing how to conduct usability tests can also prove useful.
Writing Skill- It is a niche skill, but UX writing is crucial when creating a micro copy. Micro copies require concise writing. It is important to ensure that the copy provides useful information to the user and reflects the brand’s values and tone.
Analytical Skills- These skills are required to ensure this is implemented properly, such as understanding percentages, ratios, and numbers. We monitor product usability data. A product’s data can be used to improve it or come up with new ideas for it.
By ensuring efficient interface usability, UI/UX designers ensure improved user satisfaction. Through language, visual input, positioning of elements on the page, and communication of the correct information, they make the brand’s identity come to life in a working website or app. An initial mock-up is developed, and then the user interface and experience are tested to ensure no problems arise.
The average starting salary for an Indian UI/UX designer is Rs 4.5 lakhs per annum. The higher your level of learning, the higher the salary you can expect to earn. The salary of UI/UX designers can be up to Rs 15 lakhs to 19 lakhs and above.
— Written by Rekha Kejriwal, Academic Director of the Academy of Fashion & Art (AFA)
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