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New .NET MAUI Community Toolkit Built on .NET 7 – Visual Studio Magazine

October 11, 2023

Along with new views and layouts, the latest iteration of Microsoft’s .NET MAUI Community Toolkit is out with a version built on .NET 7.
The kit is one of many offered by Microsoft. Served up by NuGet, such toolkits typically are collections of helper functions, custom controls and app services designed to simplify and demonstrate common developer tasks for projects of varying types. The free and open source .NET MAUI Community Toolkit is described by Microsoft as a community-created library that contains extensions, advanced UI/UX controls, converters and behaviors to help make .NET MAUI developers’ lives easier.
The dev team pumped out three releases in a short period, with the .NET 7 support coming in the latest. Microsoft described them thusly:
“With this versioning strategy we aim to empower as many developers as possible: everyone on .NET 6 can get all the features we’ve merged so far, including Tizen support using v2.0.0,” the team’s Dec. 1 announcement said. “For those using .NET 7 you can get all the features using v3.0.0.” Going forward, .NET 7 will be the target for new features in the toolkit. .NET 7 debuted last month, furthering Microsoft’s years-long effort to unify disparate development products with “just one .NET going forward.”
New features/functionality for the latest releases includes:
Microsoft also announced some attention to the the MAUI.Markup Toolkit, a collection of Fluent C# Extension Methods that allows developers to architect their apps using MVVM, Bindings, Resource Dictionaries and so on in C# without having to work in XAML.
It received new C# extension methods for App Themeing and ITextAlignment. “In fact, using source generators, Maui.Markup auto-generates extension methods for every ITextAlignment control, even if you create your own custom control!” Microsoft said. “We also gave MAUI.Markup the .NET 7 treatment as well.”
About the Author
David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.

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Everything will ship at the Nov. 14-16 .NET Conf 2023 event.
Microsoft improved testing with the GitHub Copilot Chat extension for Visual Studio Code as part of the regular monthly update to the super-popular code editor.
Standing for .NET Multi-platform App UI, .NET MAUI has been described by the company as the “evolution of Xamarin.Forms” with said evolution including the ability to create desktop apps in addition to the traditional mobile targets of Xamarin, iOS and Android.
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